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How To Score Online Reviews And Stand Apart From Other Car Wash Businesses: Friday Marketing Roundup

Good morning, folks, and happy Friday. Today we’re bringing you three recent posts from the marketing blogs that could help you flesh out your marketing plan and build local interest in your car wash brand.

  • Online reviews are the bedrock of online marketing. With websites like Yelp and Google empowering customers with important information about other people’s experiences with your business (and your competitors’), you want to make sure they’re seeing how easy, friendly, and valuable your car wash is. But people are busy. They’re not automatically inclined to post a Yelp review unless they’re emotional about the experience they’ve had with your business. Too often people only post if they’re angry. But Small Business Trends has four tips to help you encourage positive reviews. They suggest posting “Find us on Yelp!” signs and follow-up emails that include links to review sites. Importantly, don’t have your friends and family post reviews; you want natural feedback from real customers because readers can tell the difference.
  • FromĀ Carwash.com and Lustra Professional Car Care Products, they’ve suggested some ways to make your car wash business stand out. For them, it comes down to making a monthly promotions plan.

When you begin to layout your calendar, decide month-by-month what types of promotions you will be running each month and your budget for monthly marketing. Promotions can include things such as coupons, holiday promotions, cross promotion with a neighboring businesses, social media, etc.

  • And finally, DetailXPerts has expanded on its tips for building a marketing plan. They outline 10 steps to creating a formalized plan. Without the formality, they say, “the implementation of your marketing plans can and will easily go awry.” The steps include setting goals, forecasting results, and setting a budget. Click here to see the details.


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