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Atlanta Car Wash Behind ‘Wash Away Thirst’ Campaign; Each Wash Helps Bring Water To Needy

The Sky Wash team visits Guatemala (Photo: WashAwayThirst.org)

The Sky Wash team visits Guatemala (Photo: WashAwayThirst.org)

Water efficiency technology can help save a lot of water, but one car wash business near Atlanta is taking an international leap by helping bring water to the places that need it most.

“We want our family and business to be different through our desire to live a more intentional life,” says Jim Dudley, owner of Sky Wash in Roswell, Ga. “Water is essential to our business and one of the biggest needs in our world today, so it’s obvious that we have a great platform for awareness and change.”

Dudley and his crew are rallying the car wash community around that idea, adding an army of participating car wash locations to the cause from Canada to California to Alabama. Every wash at one of those locations will automatically kick in enough money to their nonprofit, Wash Away Thirst, to allow one person to have clean drinking water for a day.

According to the organization, nearly 1 billion people don’t have enough clean drinking water, resulting in 42,000 deaths each day around the globe. Four of every five illnesses suffered in developing countries stems from one thing: unsafe drinking water.

“I want people to come in to get a car wash and leave with so much more — an awareness of things going on in Atlanta that ripple into a globe full of people in need,” Dudley said. “People want to be involved in something bigger than themselves. They can get behind these efforts and make a difference — and it’s as simple as washing your car (at Sky).”

For more information, visit WashAwayThirst.org, and follow Sky Wash on Twitter @SkyWash.


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