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Pollen! It’s The Best Thing Since Snow For These Car Wash Business Owners In North Carolina

(Photo: Flickr/Jeff Covey)

(Photo: Flickr/Jeff Covey)

For car wash owners everywhere, the rise of pollen in the air is the last big boost for business before the long, slow summer begins. And in the south, where snow is usually scarce (except in a polar vortex year), pollen is the moneymaker.

As robesonian.com reports from Lumberton, N.C., the surge of motorists each spring hoping to keep pollen off their cars has helped to offset the rising cost of doing business. They write:

Since purchasing the car washes in 1999, [Richard] Miller, [owner of Bubbles, Squeaky Clean, Thomas’ Car Wash and Super Suds], said that the steadily rising cost of equipment and chemicals have made them more expensive to maintain through the years.

“We’ve had them for 15 years and our profit margins have dwindled,” he said. “A hog head brush was $15 at the time, now they’re $30 … the price of chemicals has gone up. We don’t make as much money as we used to, so pollen season definitely helps.”

As we’ve reported before, pollen has already been a boon for some. And it’s important to remember that there are ways for car wash businesses to get even more out of pollen season through creative marketing. Pollen can cause real damage to a vehicle’s paint.

As The Herald-Sun in Durham, N.C., reported:

For carwash owners like Craig Keith, pollen is gold.
Keith, owner of Bull City Car Wash on Markham Avenue, said business increases nearly 30 percent during pollen season.

“It brings in new customers,” Keith, who opened the former Couch’s Car Wash almost three years ago, said. “People who don’t wash their car regularly will seek out a car wash when their car turns yellow or green.”



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