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Car Wash Employee Accidentally Smashes Customer’s SUV Into Other Customers’ Vehicles [VIDEO]

A security camera captures an SUV ramming into several other cars at a car wash in Oregon. (Photo: Screenshot/kgw.com)

A security camera captures an SUV ramming into several other cars at a car wash in Oregon. (Photo: Screenshot/kgw.com)

It was bumper cars at a car wash in Oregon last weekend after an employee tasked with moving a customer’s SUV accidentally throttled it into other customers’ nearby cars.

He “mistook the accelerator for the brake,” said the manager of the Beaverton, Oregon, car wash. The employee, meanwhile, told police the accelerator got stuck, and when he pressed the brake it didn’t respond, according to News Channel 8 Portland.

One woman who was strapping her kid into a car seat was slightly injured, but otherwise everyone was fine. The cars, however, were not fine. One woman said her year-old vehicle was ruined. The owner of the SUV said she was shocked to come outside to find her Jeep bumper crumpled and several vehicular victims in its wake.

There were concerns that the car wash didn’t have enough insurance to cover the damage, but the manager assured the news station that everyone would be covered 100 percent. The driver was charged with driving on a suspended license.

“I left it there and I just wanted a simple wash because, you know, it was dirty and…Wow!” the owner of the SUV said. “It was horrible, to tell you the truth. I was in shock.”

The incident was similar to a recent, unexplained episode in which an SUV escaped a car wash with nobody behind the wheel. It cruised across a field and across the street before slamming into a power box, knocking out the power at a courthouse.




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