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Man Inexplicably Gets Stuck Between Car And Car Wash Equipment

A car wash employee in Southern California cleans a truck. (Photo: Screenshot/NBC4)

A car wash employee in Southern California cleans a truck. (Photo: Screenshot/NBC4)

Do you ever see warnings that make you think, “Duh.” There’s the McDonald’s coffee warning: “Caution, very hot.” And many of you probably have signs warning people to stay in their cars while going through the automatic car wash. But is it really necessary?

Apparently, yes. In Fresno, California, on Saturday a car wash customer somehow got himself trapped between his car and the conveyor wash equipment. The local news station, KFSN-TV, didn’t carry much info about the incident, and several basic questions — Why was he out of his car? How did he get under it? — go unanswered. But suffice to say the customer had a very bad day. Here’s the full story:

Firefighters in the South Valley had to rescue a man who got trapped under his vehicle at a car wash on Saturday.

It happened at the Suds Station on Houston Avenue near Giddings Street in Visalia.

Fire crews were called around 1 p.m. when the man somehow got stuck on the ground between his car door and the car wash equipment. They secured the utilities and then physically moved the vehicle to free the driver.

Firefighters say the man chose not to go to the hospital.

So a word to the wise, keep that sign prominently displayed. And if anybody makes fun of it, send them this blog post.

While we’re at it, here are some other bizarre car wash stories we’ve seen:

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