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Are Waterless Car Washes Gaining Traction? One Company Markets Nationwide ‘Beat The Drought’ Campaign



An 88 year-old pioneer of waterless car wash and wax products is trying to hit back at the drought in the West. Kozak, the manufacturer, says the country could be saving nearly half-a-billion gallons of water if everyone in the United States made the switch to its product from regular, watery car washing.

Kozak is traveling across the country campaigning on how to “Beat the Drought,” by foregoing traditional hand car washes or even environmentally friendly commercial washes in favor of its patented Auto Dry Wash cloth, Digital Journal reports.

“Our goal is promote awareness of preserving water, the world’s most valuable resource,” explains Tara Hyndman, Marketing Director at Kozak. “With more and more municipalities imposing restrictions on watered car washing, there has never been a better time to jump on board our campaign and do your bit.”

The Auto Dry Wash cloth is treated, requires no additional sprays or solutions, promises not to scratch, and has a life expectancy of about 50 cleanings per cloth, saving 5,000 gallons of water. Kozak’s marketing plan has attracted partnerships with companies in drought-affected areas.

“Let’s face the facts; clean water is a diminishing commodity and waterless car wash products are already becoming the way of the future. According to the Global Industry Analysts, Inc.’s 2013 Automotive Cleaning Chemicals Report, ‘ease of use and waterless car wash products will score the highest gains in the marketplace.’”

It takes 10 minutes for the average “dry wash” and costs about $0.25. After 88 years Kozak hasn’t usurped the car wash industry, but, hey, who knows?



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