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Staff Picks: Our Top 10 Favorite Car Wash Stories Of 2014

A car wash employee was busted for owning this guy. (Photo: Malaysian Wildlife and Parks Dept.)

A car wash employee was busted for owning this guy. (Photo: Malaysian Wildlife and Parks Dept.)

With so many important, compelling and downright bizarre stories circling the car wash industry this year, it’s not easy for us to choose just 10. But that’s the arbitrary restraint we’ve set for ourselves so here goes:

10. In Atlanta You Can Get A Car Wash And A Cocktail, ‘Cause Why Not?

9. ICA Chief Blown Away By Monstrous Mr. Wash Car Wash In Germany [VIDEO]

8. Virginia Thief Causes Over $13,000 In Damage To Steal A Few Dollars; Car Washes Working To Catch Robber

7. Dallas Car Wash At The Center Of Controversy; Alt Newspaper Says Cops, Reporters Are Discriminating

6. 7 Best Marketing Ideas For Car Wash Businesses

5. Never move the goal posts on your promotions: Toronto dealership backs away from ‘free car washes for life’

4. What happens when you leave the water running overnight in Scranton, Pa.

3. Car Wash Marketing: 6 Kinds Of Car Wash Promotions (And Why They Work)

2. Malaysian Car Wash Employee In Hot Water Over Strange Pet, A Sun Bear

And finally, this one’s just hilarious and weird… Happy new year!

1. After Rotting Meat Spilled On Roadway, A New York Car Wash Is Inundated

Bonus! We almost forgot about this one! The most adorable, terrified little girl ever to pass through a car wash:Adorable Little Girl Being Terrorized By Car Wash Goes Viral [VIDEO]



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