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U.S. Mint Wants To Change It’s Coins — Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It



Remember way back in March when the U.S. Mint said it was thinking about changing the composition of its coins? Well, they’re still thinking about it.

Late last year, the Mint released its latest report on the progress of its report-making. The news, according to the International Carwash Association, which has been consulted as a stakeholder in the process is that “at this juncture, there are several possible options to alter the metallic compositions that would lower the costs of United States coins, but the Mint does not recommend adopting any of these options…”

That’s the government for you. They say they’re working on new research that could lower the cost of producing coins — which is the goal of this whole endeavor — without changing the weight or dimensions. Rather, they’d simply use different metals in a different way, or something like that.

For all the details of this study and how you can get involved in the recommendations (because that’s the beauty of democracy; you should let them know if you have concerns), read our report from last year. It summarizes what’s going on and gives you the information you need to stay up to date and weigh in.



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