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New York Car Wash Attacked By Hackers Who Stole Customers’ Credit Card Data: Police

(Screenshot: TWCNews.com)

(Screenshot: TWCNews.com)

The bandits are at it again. Digital hackers or outright thieves have stolen the credit card information of dozens or perhaps hundreds of customers of a Rotterdam, New York, car wash, police there told TWCNews.com.

“The banks had done their own investigations and found that the common theme was that each customer had used the Colonial car wash on Altamont Avenue,” a police lieutenant told the news station. The owner is not under investigation. “What we believe is that either there was a scamming device placed on one of the sale systems at that location or the possibility that the point of service system was hacked.”

Once they had the credit card data, the hackers went on a shopping spree throughout the United States and Canada. That’s when the customers and the banks noticed the fraud. What isn’t known is who’s behind it.

In June, we reported on an even more audacious scheme of the same kind, in which gangsters were exploiting point-of-sale systems and using them to buy $500 gift cards from a particularly unsecure Family Dollar. It’s apparently not too difficult for criminals to hack point-of-sale software that’s out of date or otherwise compromised. If you’re concerned about the security of your system, you should check with your vendor or consult a third-party expert.

Here we provide some other tips for keeping your customers’ credit card data safe.

As an aside, you might have noticed this line at the end of the TWCNews.com piece:

When Time Warner Cable News reached out to the car wash owner, Dave Fusco, he declined comment. Then, while shooting video on a public sidewalk across from his business, an employee sprayed a hose on the reporter and cameraman.

Shortly after, Fusco admitted to police that he asked his store manager to use a hose on us.

“I said if they are on our property, you get a hose out and squirt them and get them off our property,” said Fusco.

Our advice: Wash cars, not news reporters. It never pays.



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