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Never Too Young To Open A Car Wash: 17-Year-Old Breaks Ground On ‘Slick Nick’s’

Slick Nick's Car WashA 17-year-old Missouri boy decided to spend money from his aunt’s trust a bit more responsibly than perhaps some of his peers might have. The teen, who can’t even legally drive, plans to open a car wash in his hometown of Hollister, according to the Branson Tri-Lakes News.

Nicholas Gage has graduated from high school and will study business management at a local community college before transferring to the University of Arkansas for his master’s. The business, called Slick Nick’s, broke ground May 22. They plan to have a grand opening in August. According to the newspaper

Slick Nick’s will be the latest in a line of Gage family development in Hollister and the family legacy Nicholas said is a driving factor in his decision to plant the car wash in Hollister.

“I want to keep the business going in my family. I don’t want it to stop, it has been going on for so long,” Nicholas said. “It was actually my grandpa who came up with the name ‘Slick Nick.’ It was a nickname he called me all the time when I was a little kid.”

Nicholas plans on managing Slick Nick’s while he pursues a degree in business management from Ozarks Technical Community College’s Table Rock Campus in the fall before eventually transferring to the University of Arkansas to pursue a master’s degree.

“I feel like (Slick Nick’s) is going to be good for this area. The closest good one is in Branson and people who live here do not like to drive to Branson,” Nicholas told the Tri-Lakes News. Gage told the paper he plans to run the business with help from his father while attending classes. He hopes his two younger brothers can step in when they’re old enough to help.



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