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Weird Car Wash News For The Month Of October

weird newsOctober is just about half over but already we have a month’s worth of weird news to report.

A man in Comanche, Oklahoma was arrested by police after someone saw him washing his dogs at a car wash. The problem was the man decided to use a pressure washer to do the job. Officers who responded said they tried to make him stop but he continued to spray the hose, dousing the two pups with a torrent of water. The dogs, a Chihuahua and a small mixed breed, were soaking wet and terrified. Onlookers pointed to signs that showed the pressure washers were only meant for vehicles and were known to chip paint. They believe the man could have killed the pets.

car wash at the museum? Might not sound like the kind of exhibit you would want to learn about in historical detail. But when you learn it’s a hands-on exhibit at a children’s museum in Chicago, everything changes. The display is part of a newly redesigned section of the Kohl’s Children’s Museum which features a station where kids can learn about car repair, another for building a car and another for touring the virtual countryside in one. Kids get to learn the science behind their favorite vehicle without even realizing their getting real world lessons. One parent on the staff of thr local magazine Chicago Parent highly recommended the tour.

And here’s a feel-good story to top off the list. A Texas man who carries his valuables in a bank bag told his local TV station he left the cash inside at a car wash after his car was serviced. Realizing his mistake, he went back to the car wash hoping someone had found it. Two car wash employees returned the bag to the man without any of the contents missing. The man promises to pay the kind act forward.




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