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Are You Treating Veterans To A Free Car Wash This Friday?

vetsWe’ve told you before and we’re telling you again: Friday is not only a national holiday, it’s also a great opportunity to give back and maybe get something in return. Car washes all over the country have long made it a practice to offer free car washes to veterans on Veteran’s Day, which is recognized each year on Nov. 11. Are you thinking about joining their ranks? If so, here’s a few tips in time for you to promote you event this week.

Advertise on social media. It’s not too late to tell your regular customers about the promotion through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you aren’t savvy enough to draw up a graphic, just post a patriotic picture and be sure to tell your fans when and where you’ll be honoring the deal.

Donate to a charity. If you aren’t keen on giving away a ton of washes, or you want to contribute in another way, consider donating to a charity that day. Some car washes offer to match proceeds to a charity for one day. You could also donate a portion of Friday’s proceeds to a veteran’s group. Or consider a generous discount that day, say 50 percent. Anything you decide to offer will go a long way for individual vets and for your community partnerships.

Don’t be stingy. It might be tempting to demand ID or proof of service from the veterans who come in looking to take advantage of your friendly offer. But we promise, you aren’t likely to see many folks trying to swindle their local car wash for a $7 service. As we mentioned before, giving back to charities and to customers benefits your business in the long run, too by developing your reputation as thoughtful business owners.




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