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Two Car Wash Chains Expand In Their Respective Markets

Construction takes places at the Squeaky Clean car wash. | leaderandtimes.com

Construction takes places at the Squeaky Clean car wash. | leaderandtimes.com

Here’s two quick stories about car wash chains that began as small businesses and are now expanding. The first takes place in Liberal, Kansas where a small family business is working on its fourth location. The second takes place in Tuscon, Arizona where a major chain continues its expansion in its home city.

In Kansas, the owners of a car wash that began back in the year 2000 are bracing for the opening of their fourth location. Squeak Clean car wash opened just one location when it first opened, but soon had two more business in the works. They added two more spots in 2012. Now, they’re hoping to have their fourth location up and running by the end of the year. The Leader & Times reports that the owners predict that could be open as early as the end of November.

Some of the factors in the completion date include the weather and whether freezing temps will delay construction or the delivery of any parts. But the owners are planning to reconfigure the pay systems by removing the coin machines. They’re also looking at how to improve traffic flow in the area.

“We are replacing the coin meters in each one of the bays to save you a little bit of time,” the owner said. “They will have bill acceptors, currency acceptors in the bays, and that will be the first of any bays in Liberal to have bill acceptors. You don’t have to go to the bill changer that’s at the side of the pump room in order to get change.”

And Tuscon-based Mister Car Wash has added five more locations to its hometown. Tuscon.com reports that the company has acquired five existing car washes and rebranded them in recent months. That brings the company’s total to 200 car washes and 33 express lubes in 19 states.



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