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New Oklahoma Car Wash Boasts Green Operations


Legends Express Car Wash | TulsaWorld.com

When Legends Express Car Wash opens Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma it will become a kind of sign of the times when it comes to the car wash industry itself. That’s because years ago, a car wash just needed to clean cars and water was the best product to do that with. Nowadays, as the owner of the new business points out, there’s much more to it.

“In the industry not using sulfates, acids — that also moves you toward that 100 percent of being green,” owner Ronnie Corbin told Tulsa World: Small Business. “It’s not only just the saving of water but also the environment that your employees work in that you create a safe, healthy environment. Years ago that wasn’t so in car washing.”

Corbin has owner car washes over the years and said his newest location has finally achieved the 100 percent recycled water mark. He said they accomplished this by investing several hundred thousand dollars in the equipment that makes water reusable. The equipment separates the water from the other particles such as chemicals and dirt so that the water can be used again and again.

“We use that on the undercarriage of the car, inside the wheel wells and so forth,” Corbin said.

The final step in a wash at Legends Express involves “spot free water.” Corbin explains that the water goes through a reverse osmosis process before it is used in the final rinse. The business has about 3,000 gallons of that solution on hand at all times.



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