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Marketing New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car Wash

13967651It’s that time of year when reflection on the past 12 months leads many to think up ways to improve in the coming 365 days. Why not apply the same principle to your business? We’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions that are sure to take your car wash to the next level in 2017.

  1. Develop a mobile app If you don’t know how to do this from scratch, there are plenty of companies out there that can do it for you. There are also some existing apps specific to car washes that you can piggyback on. We’re commonly seeing apps these days for mobile car wash companies that deliver services to their customers wherever they are, and usually around the clock. But there are other benefits to an app for brick-and-mortar shops like offering coupons and allowing users to find the closest car wash chain in the area.
  2. Get on social media If you aren’t already, that is. And if you aren’t already, why not? Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are free and easy ways to connect directly to customers. Offer a discount on services for following or liking your profile and then use the accounts to advertise promotions, hours and services and just to remind them that their vehicles are looking a bit dirty.
  3. Organize a fundraiser This is essential if you plan to build community partnerships. Find a local organization or nonprofit in need of funds and suggest hosting a car ways on your property. You can let members of the organization wash vehicles themselves at your self-serve or else match proceeds from an automatic wash. Whatever you decide, people will be sure to remember.
  4. Make a deal Try to offer regular discounts so customers get in the habit of checking for them. Even if it’s something as little as 15 percent off a regular wash, it can be enough of an incentive to bring out a few extra patrons.


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