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Eco-Friendly Car Wash And Detailer Finds Demand With Motorcycle Riders


Owner TJ Rownan, left, cleans a bike. | Sierra Vista Herald

Here’s a market we haven’t heard much about, that has apparently been a bit of a boon for a family car wash venture in Arizona. According to the Sierra Vista Herald, Eco-Green Auto Detailing has found that motorcyclists especially are interested in their method of cleaning, which only requires about a quarter gallon of water. They manage this by mixing the small amount of water with biodegradable products that lift off dirt better than the conventional methods would. Then, they use natural car clay and carnauba wax and even rub coconut oil into interior leathers to keep them soft.

The result is that they end up servicing mainly motorcyclists, who don’t want a ton of water dumped onto their bikes to get them clean. The owner, TJ Rownan said motorcycles account for about 70 t0 80 percent of their business, though they’re willing and able to wash everything from a bike to an RV. Prices start at $30 a wash depending on what the driver is looking for.

“When I walked into the Harley-Davidson store, my whole business changed,” owner TJ Rownan said.

The owner of the Harley-Davidson in town said the eco-friendly wash filled a niche in the desert town where bikers were in desperate need of regular washes but didn’t have a way to do it without water. Eco-Green Auto Detailing had given a lot of thought to the technique and come up with a way to make the riders happy.

The business is relatively new but already has six employees who make house calls for their services. The owners said they want to keep the business a family affair.




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