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Car Wash Crime For The Month Of February

crimeTopping the list in this month’s post about car wash crime is that of a terrible crash you likely heard about this week. The crash took place outside of a car wash in England. Witnesses said a man drove his Mercedes into a group of car wash employees, striking five of them. Headlines called the crash bloody and horrific, saying the driver was drunk behind the wheel when the crash took place.

Two victims were in serious but stable condition following the crash. Two others had just minor injuries. But the fifth was still in critical condition. The driver was treated for a minor head injury and then detained by police.

Elsewhere, an unlicensed car wash worker found himself in hot water when he crashed a customer’s vehicle this month. CityNews.ca reports that the SUV was totaled in the crash. The employee was supposed to shine the SUV’s tires after it came out of the automatic wash. When he got in the vehicle, he accidentally floored the gas pedal instead of the brake, which sent the SUV over an embankment of snow and then through a chain link fence. Ouch.
And the owner of a car wash in Belleville, Illinois was shot at during an attempted robbery outside his own business. The owner told police he was confronted by two men who were each carrying handguns. He run and heard at least five gunshots follow him. Police don’t have any leads now, but the crime is a good reminder of the need for security systems at your establishment.


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