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Car Wash gets a Surprise Customer Full of Bull

PRINEVILLE, OREGON- Cowboys have a long history in the small town of Prineville, Oregon. The town is often referred to as “The Cowboy Capital of Oregon.” Horse racing and cattle herding can be traced all the way back to 1880 when a 1/2 mile race track was built, and the tradition carries on till this day. Between the years of 1916 and 1926 men who made their living out on the range would come to Prineville to stock up on goods, refill supplies and take some much needed R&R.

In 1945 the Crooked River Rodeo was founded by the local 4H club, and the tradition has carried on till this day. These days the Crooked River Rodeo comes to town every June, and with it come all the cattle and cowboys to boot. One local carwash even had an unusual customer last week.

As tradition has it there is an annual cattle drive that takes place at the time of the Rodeo. During the cattle drive last week, security cameras at King’s Oil and Lube caught an irate bull charging through their car wash. If that were not enough, close behind the bull was a cowboy chasing it. The cowboy corralled the bothered bovine, and no damage was done to the carwash. A few cowpies were dropped in the parking lot, and the cattle drive proceeded and planned.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 8.46.32 PM

The cattle drive wrapped up over the weekend, and there were no other reports of obstinant oxen at the carwash.

The Prineville Crooked River Rodeo is one of the few rodeos in America that hosts a live cattle drive. Over 1,000 heads of cattle were driven through town, and hundreds of onlookers came out to see the sight. The cattle drive is one of many activities held during the celebration. A BBQ, rodeo, and even a chili feed are all part of the Crooked River Rodeo week. The chili feed managed to raise $700 for the local fire department. The fire department said they would use the money to buy their canine body armor. Perhaps “Jet” the canine will need protection in the event another carwash stampeding angry Angus comes to town.



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