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DRB Systems Rolls Out New Financing Program


DRB Systems, a car wash specialized software and business solutions company based in Akron, Ohio, has been a long time leader in the car wash industry. Providing software and technology for car washes across the country, DRB Systems has been dedicated to bringing their clients the best service possible. Recently, they have decided to partner with financing company Ascentium Capital to provide a new financing program to their customers. This program is meant to help expand businesses who are in partnership with DRB and help them grow by providing new technology.

According to PR Newswire, the program is set up to provide financial support to car washes who have been in business for at least two years and are looking to upgrade their car wash systems or software for prices up to $250,000. The Vice President of marketing at DRB Systems explained the program in more depth, saying that it “allows customers from both of our leading brands to easily purchase products with no money down while budgeting manageable monthly payments”. The application process for such a program includes only a one page application and offer a credit decision usually in under four hours.

After being accepted to the program, businesses will have an easier time acquiring products like DRB’s Growth Suite™, which includes such upgrades as the XPT® Xpress Pay Terminal®, FastPass® RFID System, and Unlimited Monthly Plans. These programs offer business a way to increase stable revenue by maintaining the software necessary to run a thriving long term unlimited wash program. According to one article, this long-standing DRB system has been seen to bring a 186 percent increase in monthly plan sales in only two months. Maybe the greatest benefit of the financing program is that it is incredibly easy. The DRB programs are a fast addition to a car wash’s already existing POS system.

The team specializing in car washes at Ascentium has been hard at work enhancing the financial plans and focusing on “providing solutions that enhance the profitability for our clients,” says Senior VP of sales at Ascentium Capital. Both companies are excited about the new program and about offering this financing program to both new and loyal customers.



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