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Shaking Off The Burning Man Dust

9_aerial-of-brc_1996As Reno, Nevada’s Burning Man festival came to a close this weekend and thousands of campers prepared to leave the desert, local carwash owners took advantage of the dust-covered crowd by offering a special Burning Man package. With cars lined up from opening to closing time nearly all weekend, businesses in the surrounding area have been offering a comprehensive service that promises to remove all of the fine desert dust from both the inside and the outside the car. This not only includes seats, dashboard, and the like, but the dust can also show up in places like inside the engine bay and the air vents.

In some cases this service is costing festival goers between one hundred and three hundred dollars. This has proven such a popular option that carwashes in the Reno area are running on full staff and still experiencing lines with wait times of several hours. According a local news station, one owner reported servicing nearly two hundred cars on Sunday alone. This feat proves even more impressive when you take into consideration that the full detail service can take upwards of five hours to complete. Some campers report being willing to pay next to anything, because although regular dust is aesthetically displeasing, dust from Burning Man, so called ‘playa dust’ can potentially damage a car’s interior by coming in through a vehicle’s grill. For this reason it has been proven to be all the more important that it is cleaned out thoroughly and efficiently.

The Burning Man phenomenon is a good example for car washes in any part of the country. And it serves as an example of why it is important to always keep up to date on local events happening in your area. If there’s a county fair or event that requires people to park off-road, advertise accordingly and ensure you have the staff to meet a sudden influx. If the cars are dirtier than usual, like in Reno this weekend, take the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive service and increase costs. Tactics like these are sure to help grow your business.  



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