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Cleaning Ash In The Northwest


This previous week, Washington and Oregon have been hit by a major wildfire. According to The Seattle Times, the fire is now spread over 10,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. With the fire continuing to burn, ash is falling on a large amount of cities in the Pacific Northwest. For people out of immediate danger, the main concern becomes protecting property from the damage that this kind of ashy ‘snow’ might cause– especially in the case of cars.

The thick coat of ash and dust that may have accumulated on cars can’t just be wiped off. Wiping off ash from the surface of a car can result in tiny scratches or microabrasions that can be extremely visible on certain types of finishes. A local Western Washington news channel addressed this by warning viewers to first rinse off the car before continuing to wash it to avoid scratches that might be visible in the sunlight, “especially on darker colors”.

So what does this mean for car washes?

The main thing to note, whether operating a hand wash or an automatic conveyor car wash, is that rinsing before any sort of rubbing really is the key to avoiding any sort of damage to the finish of a car. This proves to be less of a problem for automatic washes, which are built to rinse first. In either case, it is important to warn patrons of the possibility of damage to the surface of their vehicles– both in advertising and as a caution before entering your car wash. Car owners should be aware that some types of damages can be unavoidable, but that they are best in the care of professionals. This is a way to make a positive impact in your community, and the patrons will remember a friendly face down the road.

Though a community is faced with major concerns in the face of this kind of natural disaster, it is always helpful to find some sort of normalcy when everything looks strange. By offering professional service and a properly cleaned car, a car wash can help serve its community in a time of need.



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