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Majestic Car Wash Still Without Power After Irma

Irma damage

Nine days after the devastation of  Irma was felt by local residents and businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Ryan Cain, owner of Majestic Car Wash found his business without electricity. Meanwhile, he noticed, all the surrounding businesses are now fully powered. According to local10news.com, Cain was reluctant to speak about the issue on camera, especially given the damage to personal property that might have been caused by the storm. Showing genuine concern for whomever might be receiving the attention of the power company as well as for his own employees, it is easy to understand why Cain could be conflicted.

As noted by Fort Lauderdale’s Local 10 News, the loss of power has been costing Cain somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per week. And during this time, his eighteen employees are out of work due to the closure of the car wash. Silence must have marked the news crew’s tour through Majestic Car Wash as they quote him at one point, walking into the room that houses the engine and lamenting, “generally, you can’t hear yourself in this room”. Underscoring Cain’s situation are the cars that occasionally pull up and promptly turn away from Majestic Car Wash, a painful reminder which, according to Cain, “happens all day”.

If the situation can’t get worse, it is certainly not getting any better for Majestic Car Wash’s business. After hours of phone calls and several missed appointments, Cain still hasn’t received any useful cooperation from FPL (Florida Power and Light). Bogged down by emergency responses and calls like Cain’s, the energy company seems to be struggling to keep up with the demand, most likely due simply to the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane. So what is Majestic Car Wash Supposed to do?

Cain’s main concern right now is getting his employees back to work. In order to achieve that as quickly as possible, his game plan is to set up and install a generator for the time being. And he intends to continue calling for lineman to restore power to the car wash and return to regular business as soon as he can.



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