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Small Business Branding: Make Your Car Wash Stand Out

By David Webb Every car wash owner faces one crucial dilemma: How to entice customers to come through the gate. People want to get their car all sparkly and clean, yet there are many reasons for choosing one business over another. It is all about customer experience and satisfaction. How others perceive you has a … Continue reading

Cleaning Ash In The Northwest

This previous week, Washington and Oregon have been hit by a major wildfire. According to The Seattle Times, the fire is now spread over 10,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. With the fire continuing to burn, ash is falling on a large amount of cities in the Pacific Northwest. For people out of immediate … Continue reading

Shaking Off The Burning Man Dust

As Reno, Nevada‚Äôs Burning Man festival came to a close this weekend and thousands of campers prepared to leave the desert, local carwash owners took advantage of the dust-covered crowd by offering a special Burning Man package. With cars lined up from opening to closing time nearly all weekend, businesses in the surrounding area have … Continue reading

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