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Teacher Starts Mobile Car Wash In Pennsylvania

This mobile car wash company uses water but stays eco-friendly. Continue reading


This Man Revolutionized The Car Wash In India

Mobile steam cleaning capitalizes on a major trend. Continue reading

Car Wash Renovation Offers Stylish Experience

Customers at a Spanish car wash can watch their vehicles get cleaned in style. Continue reading

Waterless And Biodegradable, New Car Wash Method Could Be The Next Big Thing

With more waterless and mobile services entering the market, young entrepreneurs have found an opening. Continue reading

Wichita Falls Car Washes Can Keep Washing Amid Deepening Texas Drought

The city of Wichita Falls, Texas, has decided to allow car wash businesses to continue using the city water even as the drought takes its toll on the city’s water supply. Continue reading

Car Wash Marketing: How Changing Idea Of Branding Should Change Your Communications

As the notion of branding slips out of companies’ control, many companies are trying new strategies. Here are some successful examples from the car wash industry. Continue reading

Atlanta Car Wash Behind ‘Wash Away Thirst’ Campaign; Each Wash Helps Bring Water To Needy

The story of why one car wash business in Roswell, Ga., is trying to bring water to people around the world who don’t have clean drinking water. “Water is … our business,” says the owner. Continue reading

Renovations Scheduled For Massachusetts Car Wash Known As Town Center’s ‘Beating Heart’

A car wash considered the “beating heart” of Belmont, Mass., will be undergoing renovations to celebrate 50 years in business. These include a giant super soaker that kids can use to spray water on the cars going by. Continue reading

California Drought Raises Profile Of Waterless Car Wash Businesses

The drought in California has spawned a stream of media reports about the water efficiency of car washing. One recent article asks whether waterless car wash businesses are the next big thing. Continue reading

Carwash Association: WaterSavers Campaign Reached 150,000 Motorists

The International Carwash Association, in response to the continuing drought in California, has promoted its WaterSavers program. These efficient car washes use less than 40 gallons of water per car. Continue reading

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